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Contracts, presentations, tenders, websites, deeds, technical dossiers, studies, press releases, etc. We undertake projects related to the following areas: legal, economic, technical, scientific, social, educational, communication and marketing. Mar Traducciones

We put your ideas into other languages, to help you promote your business

"Top-quality incoming and outgoing international communication can be a very powerful tool which if handled efficiently will enhance your overseas markets and your business performance. But if handled poorly through mistranslation or misinterpretation, not only can your image been undermined, it can cost you dearly!"
Source: European Commission publication

Legal and economic area

In the course of our professional career we have provided standard and certified translations of all manner of documents – powers of attorney, deeds of sale, deeds of incorporation, modification and transformation, among others – into French, Spanish and Catalan for architect and law firms, and for small Spanish and French businesses.

In 2011 we translated a series of contracts and bonds into Catalan for Océ Renting.

In 2010 we did a certified translation from Catalan into Spanish of the articles of incorporation of Fundació CREDA.

In 2010 we were asked by the Official Association of Sales Representative of Valencia (Colegio Oficial de Agentes Comerciales de Valencia) to translate an agency contract into English. That same year we translated a contract for establishing a collaborative agreement from English into French for Fundació puntCAT.

Likewise, in 2011 we translated corporate documents into French, Italian and Germany for the Bufete Gil Navarro law firm.

During all our years of operation we have provided certified translations of administrative and economic texts for small businesses, public corporations, law firms, administrative offices and private customers: census certificates, profit and loss statements, tax returns, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

Scientific and technical area

In coordination with the team of Idom Ingeniería y Sistemas who is responsible for drafting the bidding specifications for submitting tender proposals in African countries, we have coordinated the translation into French and English of the technical documents included in their projects.

In 2011 Idom Ingeniería y Arquitectura asked us for a translation into French of some of the documents included in a calculation report on an industrial building located in France.

In coordination with French translation agencies, we have also translated into Catalan the technical documentation of French companies submitting proposals for tenders organised in the Principality of Andorra.

Since 2009, we have coordinated several translation projects into Spanish and English for the Green European Foundation, in which a team of translators and proofreaders participated to guarantee the quality of the publications.

  • La promoción del 2009: las ambiciones verdes para Europa
  • Manual de la Iniciativa Ciudadana Europea
  • El marco macroeconómico y financiero del Nuevo Acuerdo Verde
  • Razones por las que necesitamos un Nuevo Acuerdo Verde
  • Un Nuevo Acuerdo Verde para la industria europea
  • Green New Deal with a gender perspective proposed programme for a red, green and purple economy.

Moreover, since 2007 we have translated into Catalan and proofread several articles on these topics for the magazine Nous Horitzons which is published by Fundació Nous Horitzons.

Communication area

In 2011, Acciona Facility Services entrusted us with the English proofreading and adapting of its purchasing computer application.

We also translated the website of eyeOS, a pioneer cloud computing company, into French and German.

Since 2010, Fundació PuntCAT has entrusted our company with the translation into French and English of its corporate and advertising texts (press releases, communiqués, congratulatory notes, etc.)

Within the framework of the Consolida programme organised by Castelldefels Borough Council, we have coordinated translation projects into French, German, English and Catalan on a series of leaflets and presentations for the companies Aleph Comunicación and CMB, SA (CMB and Armando G).

Since 2010, in conjunction with, we coordinated the translation and proofreading into English, Catalan and Spanish of website documents for the companies Escap Cápsulas, from Enoplastic grup, and Grup Transpal, among others.

In 2010 we also translated and proofread several presentations for the Official Association of Sales Representatives of Valencia (Colegio Oficial de Agentes Comerciales de Valencia) into English, French and German and in 2012 we translated their website into English.